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Donde esta Jose?

I’m no fan of straight whiskey or cognac or tequila tastings.  Because of the aged nature of these liquors, they invariably turn into money tastings.  By that I mean that the $300, 25-year-old bottle almost invariably tastes smoother and richer … Continue reading


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Mooses and Gooses Jooses

Before we go too much farther, we need to address a critical topic: juice.  A good home bar must have fresh squeezed juice.  I don’t care how much you spend on highly advertised super-premium liquors and $25 cocktail glasses, if you’re … Continue reading

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In preparing for the gin tasting this summer, I was stumped as to how I would prepare 30+ different variations and still focus on the tasting (and the party).  And I had an inspiration – plastic squeeze bottles.  They’re <$1 … Continue reading

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A Quick Glenn Fry Sidetrack

I know I said I’d start this blog with a series on my recent gin tasting.  but I had a drink the other night that reminded me of one of my all-time favorites and I need to sidetrack a bit … Continue reading

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