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Local Watering Holes – Part 2

Lantern has been at 423 W Franklin St in Chapel Hill for nearly 10 years.  It’s an award-winning restaurant that’s “a marriage of Asian flavors and North Carolina ingredients sourced mainly from local farms and fisheries.”  The Reusing’s execute this … Continue reading


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Oeno Files 2 – Port

I moved to North Carolina a few years back from the west coast.  After settling in to the new house, I set out one Saturday to re-stock my liquor cabinet.  I looked and looked for a liquor store to no … Continue reading

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Fall Harvest

Why do burning leaves smell so good?  Wikipedia says that leaf smoke is an insecticide.  So maybe it’s inherited.  We like the smell because when we smell it we’re less likely to catch West Nile virus from a mosquito.

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