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Mooses and Gooses Jooses

Before we go too much farther, we need to address a critical topic: juice.  A good home bar must have fresh squeezed juice.  I don’t care how much you spend on highly advertised super-premium liquors and $25 cocktail glasses, if you’re … Continue reading

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For Wendy, Mike, and Tim — 2 Summer Drinks for Halloween

It was a Dark and Stormy afternoon when I first tried a Dark and Stormy.  And the skies parted and the sun shone, and (at least in my head) it was summer again for a few moments…

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This week I stopped at a gas station near Lexington, NC to fill one tank and empty another.  On my way to the restroom at the back of the store, I came across a bottle of Nehi Orange!

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Radar would be Proud

I told you I’d eventually dust off the first 20 pages or so of my notebook back in the welcome post. I wasn’t intending to do so this quickly.  But I was reminded of this drink recently so I’m jumping the … Continue reading

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