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For Wendy, Mike, and Tim — 2 Summer Drinks for Halloween

It was a Dark and Stormy afternoon when I first tried a Dark and Stormy.  And the skies parted and the sun shone, and (at least in my head) it was summer again for a few moments…

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In preparing for the gin tasting this summer, I was stumped as to how I would prepare 30+ different variations and still focus on the tasting (and the party).  And I had an inspiration – plastic squeeze bottles.  They’re <$1 … Continue reading

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This week I stopped at a gas station near Lexington, NC to fill one tank and empty another.  On my way to the restroom at the back of the store, I came across a bottle of Nehi Orange!

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The Unique Boutique Gins

The most expensive and difficult-to-acquire gin in the tasting was a small-batch American gin by Leopold Bros in Denver, CO.  It made the tasting by virtue of a vocal proponent on the tasting panel.  If I remember correctly, he called Tanqueray … Continue reading

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London Dry Gin Results

Most gins on American liquor store shelves are “London dry” gins.  While there are many other forms of gin, including American, European genever, and even ‘dry gins’ from other countries (including India and Japan), London dry has become the modern … Continue reading


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